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Although the state may be small, Connecticut restaurants are making a large splash on the national culinary scene. Several places to eat in Connecticut cities, such as Greenwich and Haltford, are drawing the notice of nearby big city residents, warranting a commute to this eateries with excellent reviews. Our goal at eatingct.com is to list the most accurate and best Connecticut restaurants reviews that a person can find online. By perusing our reviews, a visitor will learn which places must be visited and which ones should be avoided. At eatingct.com, we will stay up to date on the fine dining culinary scene at all points in the state as well as where to find the best Connecticut pizza.

New Haven restaurants are one group of Connecticut restaurants that are becoming more popular than ever. With the famous Yale University being located in the town, the treasure of a wide range of eating options is being received well. Spanning the range from Mexican and Thai to Cuban and Spanish, there is a diversity of different styles of food that a person can try. In addition, possible the best Connecticut cafe is also found in the city. Called Union League Cafe, this eatery and coffee shop has world class cuisine from France on offer at reasonable prices.

However, the world of Connecticut restaurants is not limited to New Haven. Cities like New London, Mystic, and Groton have all established their own culinary culture and diners are very appreciative of all the new choices that have appeared in the past few years. Of the ones in the first city, Dev's on Bank Street stands out as a crowd favorite at Eating Connecticut. With a scenic backdrop on the water, the tapas restaurant has expanded their menu to include something for everyone, with an excellent brunch and burger bar menu during daytime hours.

Another place that is home to some of the best reviewed Connecticut restaurants is the city of Danbury. Eating Connecticut best food is easy with our reviews for many of the best Danbury restaurants, such as Ondine, a French eatery, and La Zingara, the height of Connecticut Italian restaurants. The city is also home to Old Heidelberg, a German eatery that stays true to old world traditions and has many favorites like roasted pork shank and several different kinds of schnitzel.

Eating in the state can take a person on a virtual trip across the many different types of cuisine that are found in the world. The eatingct.com website hopes to help with this journey by giving good recommendations and showcasing the best places to eat in Connecticut. With such a diversity of Connecticut restaurants, it is sure that a person will be able to find at least one place that matches their taste.


Groton Restaurants

The town of Groton, Connecticut may appear often in , due to the fact that the pharmaceutical company Pfizer has its research headquarters there, but it isn't strange to restaurant reviews either.

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